Strategy Overview

Salsa Strategy is a simple approach that can help leaders "put it all together." Salsa Strategy is based on two concepts: 1) organizing moves into families of moves, and 2) recognizing that before you can do a given move you must first be in the right hold. Salsa Strategy is hardly rocket science. In fact, for most leaders it becomes intuitive. The problem is that it isn't intuitive from the start. That's why I've articulated Salsa Strategy here.
  1. Organizing moves into families of moves is a way to simplify the myriad of variations into manageable categories. When organized that way, you come to realize most dancers don't know hundreds of moves, rather they know many ways of varying the same moves. Visit the Families of Moves Page to learn more about this concept.
  2. Recognizing the importance of being in the right hold to execute a move is paramount. This is what allows dancers to seemlessly go from one move to the next. Once a dancer knows what hold is needed for each move, he is free to create an enjoyable experience for his partner and for himself. Visit The Right Hold Page to learn more about this concept and techniques to apply it to the dance.
Eventually leaders will do these things intuitively. Many patterns will become ingrained into muscle memory and leaders will be ready to take the next steps - musicality and floorcraft.